Adrian Taffinder

The Subconscious Surgeon

Daniel Pinchbeck

Author, Thought Leader, Speaker.


Timothy Lewis

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer ikigai.fund

Rachel Naomi Atlas

Director of "The Dark Side of Tulum"

& Founder Island of Atlas

Lydia Isabel de León

Ph.D. in Geo-biology, Architect, MSc in 
Sustainability, Founder Geophilia Institute

Ton van't Noordende

Deeptech Investor at 01 Ventures

& Founder PHX

Axel Schumacher P.h.D.

Founder & CSO at SHIVOM

Geneticist, Innovator & Futurologist

Susanna Choe

Co-Founder Peace Accelerators

Rep. Future World Council

Hartej Sawhney

Global Leader in Cyber Security

Liliane Amira Kindelhofer

Founder of the Psychedelic Society of Vienna 

Arturo Ponce de León

Architect, Engineer, Psychologist & Founder Geophilia Institute

Milana Valmont 

Co-Founder & CEO at 


Christopher Salata

Co-Founder Peace Accelerators

& Social Activist

Mike Reiner

Venture Partner at Open Ocean &

Co-Founder City AI & World Summit AI

Doctor Kambo

Psychedelic Expert 

& Founder Dr. Kambo

Sebastian Graf

Robotics Engineer & 

Founder Labjunkys

Drew Hague

Co-Founder at InterQuest

Wellness & Peak Performance

Eli M. Blatt P.h.D.

Anthropologist &

Founder at BitFinance 

Gino Yu

Co-Founder The Evolving Caravan

Founder of BlockBase

Stewart Rogers

Managing Editor at GritDaily

Analyst At-Large at VentureBeat

Stan Chen

Founder & President RecycleGo

Green Innovation

Enzo Garoche

Founder Illumina Tribe

A. Dara Dotz

3-D Printing Pioneer &

Co-founder of Field Ready

Stuart Corby

Co-founder at Track.one for Pharma

& IOT Expert

Antonis Bogdanos

Co-founder at We4All

Avery Haskell

Founder of Shuttle

a Space Flight Company

Kristine Vilnite

Chief of Startups and Investors at  

Digital Freedom Festival