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JULY 24 & 25 2019


Awaken we are of cycles of time tied through a vibratory field of limitless dimensions. Unified we are with the all that is and all that was. With courage and strength we tackle life’s cycles as our missions for a better union. Achieving the unimaginable and impossible out of pure manifestation. Knowing our path as the eagle eye overseeing our future horizon. Our imagination has taken us to altered universes so that we can see the colors we desire.  Our body has given us the strength to animate. Our soul has given us the wisdom we seek. Infinite now is the mountain of life. Three pillars of light made one so that the all can be all. Clear now is our mission to support this web of life. 


Intentional Ceremony 

The Making Of The Mandala

Sound Healing Cacao Ceremony

Sun & Moon Ceremony

Ritual Performance



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