Tue, Jul 21 | Mikonos


Prepare yourself for an incredible week in Mykonos with this incredible life transformative immersive experience. Event runs from July 21st unto July 29th
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Date & Location

Jul 21, 2020, 12:00 PM – Jul 29, 2020, 12:00 AM
Mikonos, Mikonos 846 00, Greece


ILLUMINA TRIBE is worldwide community of global impacters and activators each looking to support and inspire each other. We are creators and dreamers. Our purpose is to help beings around  the world to manifest their deepest level of purpose; through wellness, knowledge, connection, and experiences. We aim to grow community and enable the connection of like-minded people working towards a common vision of the future.

Join us this summer in Mykonos for an experience like no other. Immerse yourself in programmed experiences of wellness, local & cultural activities, symposium discussions, incubators, workshops along with the dazzling festive parties organized by the tribe. 

We hold the keys to our destiny and through each other and our heart center we can create the world of tomorrow. Using our powers to manifest and synchronize we will create the stepping stones of the next human evolution. The world is in trouble, these are the times that have been spoken about since ancient times. More then ever our world needs global change and positive restorative & sustainable actions to step into our evolution. Today we hold the tools to change the system, break free as a human collective, to help nurture our land our oceans and our species. This experience in Mykonos is designed for us to connect in a holistic and sustainable matter so that we can help shift our planet into wholeness and spread the knowledge to others like a fractal.


Our location is a stunning complex with 3 villas & a colosseum overlooking the ancient island of Delos. This is a place of great history in Ancient Greece.  It is said to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis making it an important spiritual and political center in the Archaic and Classical periods. Welcome to Greece's most popular cosmopolitan island, a paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules and was named after the grandson of Apollo.

Mykonos is the jewel of the Cycladic islands and is in a triangle with its sister islands; Delos and Rhenia. The island was also a major commercial trading Centre in the 2nd and 1st centuries. This made it a hub for religious and political leaders, as well as philosophers, thinkers and innovators throughout ancient history. 




- Ritual & Ceremony -

Awaken we are of cycles of time tied through a vibratory field of limitless dimensions. Unified we are with the all that is and all that was. With courage and strength we tackle life’s cycles as our missions for a better union. Achieving the unimaginable and impossible out of pure manifestation. Knowing our path as the eagle eye overseeing our future horizon. Our imagination has taken us to altered universes so that we can see the colors we desire.  Our body has given us the strength to animate. Our soul has given us the wisdom we seek. Infinite now is the mountain of life. Three pillars of light made one so that the all can be all. Clear now is our mission to support this web of life. 

-Initiation Intentional Ceremony 

-Sound healing Cacao Ceremony

-Sunset Ceremony

-Elixirs and refreshments




- Creative Secret Dinner Experience -

Join us for the feast of the gods. Bringing kingdoms together as nobles once did around supper to discuss the evolution of our collective empire. 

-This will be our culinary experience

-Long table setup with a 50ppl cap. 30already reserved. 

-Visual arts and performance

-Closing with after party

Price packages:

-Included for Golden Members

-$150- Dinner + Afters  (Members only)

-$133 Afters (Open to public)

-Afters free for week members

-Open Bar

(Dinner Limited capacity 75ppl)




-Boat Experience -

Set sale with us as we embark on a fleet to the ancient Island of Delos where we will bathe and experience a bbq beach experience and beach clean up. Followed by a tour of the ancient ruins and visit the temples of Apollo, Artemis, Isis, Dionysos and the sacred lake of Delos.

Price Packages:

-Included in Golden Membership

-$150 Boat pass includes full day experience 

-Beach Cleanup with @Oceanic.Global

-Light food and Refreshments


(Limited Cap TBD)



- Wellness & Consciousness | Science & Technology -

ILLLUMINA provides a platform for entrepreneurs to participate in round table discussions, panels and debates focused on Global Impact Projects like Sustainability, Environmental Awareness, Wellness Advocacy, Technology, Crypto, Consciousness, impactful star-ups and more. The symposium is designed to be a curated network of global impacters, creatives and activators looking to connect with their community in order to facilitate more rapid evolution of their own eco-system. 

Symposium Topics:

Sustainability, Blockchain, AI & robotics, Ocean preservation, Information Age, Psychedelic research, Hack your mind to hack your life, Humanitarian project building, Global Impact, The power to manifest, Alchemy and Shamanism, the power to Heal, Building a new world in the age of Aquarius.

Price Packages:

-Symposium included in week memberships

-$50 Day pass for public (Available closer to the event) 

-Includes Descending of Apollo (Sunset Sessions) 

-Open Bar / Lunch Buffet




- Sunset Sessions -

Join us after our symposium for a sunset ritual followed by live DJ sets by our unique musical tribe. (Line-ups will not be disclosed trust in the process and you shall discover) 

-Included In week membership

-$50 public sunset pass

-Open Bar



MYTHOLOGIKA - by ILLUMINA & Birds of Mind - JULY 25

- Music & Visual Arts Festival -

On the 27th of July we are proudly announcing our First AMBROSIA 12h music festival, which will feature an array of secret talents. Bringing us into deeper connection through music arts and performance. 


Price Packages:

-Included in week memberships

-$50 pass for public

-Open Bar 



THE INTERQUEST - (Integrated Daily)

- Life Transformative Wellness Program -



-Yoga Flow & Psychedelic Breathing by Eva Kaczor

-Sound Healing

-Vinyasa flow

-Quest Games

Price Packages:

-Included In week membership

-$50 non-Members must purchase day pass



Standard MEMBERSHIP Packages:

Pre-Sale membership: $900

Tier 1 membership: $1000

Tier 2 membership: $1200

Membership benefits: 

-Full access to all ILLUMINA experiences

-Villa ILLUMINA amenities benefits and private lounge. 

-Discounted accommodation on the island as well as access to our local partner concierge services. 

-Member jewelry

-Special Goodie bag (Program, straw, smudge kit, eco-Cup, Fan, sponsor items and more) 

-Lifetime Access to our network

-Placement in a dream time capsule

-Live stream access pass

*does not include boat experience (The Reunion at Delos)/ Dinner experience (The Supper of Light) 


Golden Member Pass Pre-Sale: $1300 (Only 30 Available)

Golden Member Pass Tier 1: $1400

Golden Member Pass Tier 2: $1500

Golden Member benefits:

-Includes boat experience / dinner experience

-Includes All membership benefits

-Golden Member Necklace


Day Pass  Prices:

-Boat Experience Day Pass: $150 (Members Only)(Limit 150)(Included for Golden Member)

-Supper of Light Dinner Pass: $150 (July 25)(Members Only)(Limit 50ppl)(Included for Golden Member) 

-Symposium Day Pass: $75 (Open Bar Included) (July 25, 26, 27, 28)

-Descending of Apollo Sunset Sessions Pass: $50 (Open Bar Included) (July 25, 26)

-The Reunion at Delos Ancient Route Yacht Pass: $150 (July 29)(Limit 150)

-Mythologika - Music & Arts Festival Pass: $50 (July 27) 

Registration is Closed